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How to Recognize a Dental Emergency

April 25, 2020
Posted By: Mill Creek Dental Health Care
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You’ve just injured your tooth unexpectedly, and it’s late into the evening. Now what? Do you call your dentist even though it’s after business hours? Or do you just wait until tomorrow to get the treatment you need? 

The answer to this question depends on the severity of the injury. If the damage is significant, and especially if it is painful, you’ll need treatment from an emergency dentist. If the injury is minor, unnoticeable, and painless, you’re probably fine waiting for a standard appointment with your Mill Creek dentist during regular business hours. 

Dental Emergencies in Mill Creek, WA

We usually tell our patients that they’ll know a dental emergency when they see one. Genuine emergencies either involve visible injuries, like broken or knocked-out teeth, or “invisible” injuries, such as toothaches and infections, that you will recognize because of extreme pain and discomfort.

Once you experience a dental emergency, you’ll have to stop in your tracks and put other things on hold because you’ll need to deal with your injuries right away. If you’re able to say something like, “This isn’t painful,” “I don’t even notice it,” or “It’s not a big deal,” then you probably are not dealing with a dental emergency. 

Dental emergencies in Mill Creek will be painful, uncomfortable, shocking, sometimes bloody, and always challenging to ignore. 

You’re dealing with an emergency if you experience:

  • A tooth popping out or getting knocked out by an object or another person
  • A broken jaw due to facial trauma
  • Significant bleeding in your that you can’t get to stop
  • Pieces of your tooth or teeth breaking or chipping off
  • A crack or fracture in a tooth once you bite down on something hard
  • A dental restoration, such as a bridge or a tooth crown, breaking off

Contact Our Mill Creek Dentists Immediately

If you need an emergency dentist in Mill Creek, don’t wait to call our caring dentists at (425) 745-2703. We will provide the emergency care you need right away and get you back to living your life. 

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