Root Canals in Mill Creek WA

Woman Smiling | Mill Creek WA DentistThere are very few people who don’t react with some dread when told they need a root canal. But at Mill Creek Dental Health Care in Mill Creek, WA, we think it’s time to put this outdated myth to rest – advanced technology, updated techniques, soothing sedation, and comforting amenities all add up to a root canal procedure that is far more comfortable and efficient than you ever thought possible!

Modern dentistry focuses on preserving healthy tooth structure for as long as possible. A root canal is a procedure that is needed to relieve pain and save a severely infected tooth. If the tooth isn’t treated, pain and damage will continue until the only alternative is extraction.

Why You Need a Root Canal

The root canal is a naturally occurring canal that runs through the roots of each tooth, leading to a pulp chamber. When the nerve tissue and pulp in this part of the tooth are damaged, they break down and bacteria begin to multiply, causing an infection or abscess.

Damage may be the result of deep decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, large fillings, repeated dental procedures, or facial trauma.

Some symptoms of an infected root canal are:

  • Intense pain that worsens over time
  • Facial swelling
  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Tenderness to touch
  • Discoloration of the tooth

Woman at Dentist | Mill Creek WA Root CanalsUnfortunately, it is the pain that most people remember, and they mistakenly associate it with the procedure itself. But the fact is that root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it.

What Happens During a Root Canal

The first step is to get you comfortable in your chair with a pillow and warm blanket. Next, we will give you headphones and help you select your favorite TV show or music. If you are nervous and need some help relaxing, we can offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation for your complete comfort.

Dr. Habib will then numb your gum with a topical anesthetic, followed by a gentle injection with our state-of-the-art DentalVibe. This technology allows Dr. Habib to deliver anesthetic gently with little or no discomfort.

When we are sure you are completely numb, a small hole is created in your tooth so we can access the infected area. Dr. Habib gently and carefully removes the infected pulp and nerve tissue.

For many people, the most unpleasant part of the root canal procedure is the sound of the tooth being drilled. But now, this stress-inducing noise is a thing of the past. Rotary endodontics allow you to relax comfortably while Dr. Habib performs the procedure using state-of-the-art rotary instruments that don't generate drilling or scraping sounds.

After the infected material is removed, Dr. Habib fills and seals the tooth. Since the procedure makes the tooth brittle, we will need to place a dental crown to restore function and protect the tooth.

Please Call to Arrange an Appointment

Sometimes an infected root canal doesn’t present with any symptoms, so routine dental appointments are the best way to discover damage so it can be treated before it compromises your tooth.

If you are in pain or have a damaged tooth you suspect may need a root canal, please call our Mill Creek, WA dental office to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.