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3 Incredible Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

September 16, 2020
Posted By: Mill Creek Dental Health Care

Here at Mill Creek Dental Health Care, we recognize that your time is valuable. For this reason, we want to help reduce your trips to our dental office and make sure that every minute spent with us is productive. That’s why we’re excited to tell you more about our beautiful same-day dental crowns and how they can benefit you!

Benefit #1: No More Waiting Weeks for Your Dental Restorations

Most dentists in Mill Creek and even across the country rely on third-party dental laboratories to create and complete restorations like dental crowns. This process usually takes several weeks from start to finish, which means that patients must wait to receive their new tooth crown even if their natural tooth is damaged or vulnerable.

With our same-day dental crowns in Mill Creek, we use modern dental technology known as “CEREC” to design and create your crown right here in our office. With only one dental appointment that lasts about an hour two, we take a 3-D scan of your mouth and use our CEREC machine to “mill” your crown from a block of porcelain. With same-day restorations, you can say goodbye to temporary crowns, multiple trips to the dentist, and waiting for the dental lab to deliver your crown.

Benefit #2: You Don’t Need to Wear a Temporary Crown

Because traditional tooth crowns take several weeks to produce and deliver, you typically have to wear a temporary crown during the interim until your tooth arrives. Not only are temporary dental crowns notoriously uncomfortable, but they can also require more trips to the dentist to design, place, adjust, and remove the crown.

With same-visit tooth crowns, you don’t need to worry about any of this extra hassle.

Benefit #3: You Keep the Same Treatment Team During the Entire Process

When an outside dental lab designs a tooth crown, they don’t know the patient personally, and they only have a set of dental impressions to go off of. It’s harder to design a perfect crown without seeing the patient’s other teeth and natural enamel color, and there is no chance to make adjustments or changes once the crown gets shipped off.

When you choose in-office CEREC same visit crown, however, you work alongside your Mill Creek dentist, who knows you and your smile. If your tooth crown needs any tweaks, we can easily make them here in our treatment rooms. 

Are you interested in possibly receiving a CEREC same-day dental crown? We invite you to call us today at (425) 745-2703 to learn more!

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