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How often do I need an oral cancer screening?

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According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, roughly 53,000 people will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2019. The statistics show that these numbers will not be going down, and many patients diagnosed today are not expected to survive beyond five years. 

As scary as these numbers are, oral cancer does not have to be fatal. The unfortunate truth is that most oral cancer diagnoses are discovered too late for adequate treatment. Our Mill Creek patients can radically improve their odds by maintaining regular dental cleanings and exams, where Dr. Cirtaut can keep track of any unusual changes or growths. 

Oral cancer screening is routine and painless. During your regular dental cleaning, you can go over any unusual pain or problems in your mouth or jaw. Your dentist will go over your oral history while visually and manually examining your jawline, soft tissue, and neck area. 

Oral Cancer Screening Technology

Not all signs of cancer can be viewed or felt, even by highly-skilled professionals. At Mill Creek Dental Health Care, we incorporate the use of VELscope, which emits a green light that highlights the natural fluorescence within the soft tissues of your mouth. Any abnormalities will be detected, and your dentist will examine your teeth and gums further. 

If you haven’t had an oral cancer screening recently, please call Mill Creek Dental Health Care to schedule an oral screening appointment.

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