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How long will my cleaning appointment take?

Your semi-annual cleanings are part of an overall preventive program to keep your teeth healthy. At Mill Creek Dental Health Care, our 

skilled hygienists provide thorough, comfortable cleanings that usually take about 60 minutes.

The purpose of a cleaning is to remove the plaque and tartar that build up and collect on your teeth. While your toothbrush can remove most plaque, tartar can only be removed by a hygienist using specialized instruments.

If your mouth is generally healthy or you have a mild case of gum disease (gingivitis), a routine cleaning is usually enough to protect your oral health. However, more advanced cases of gum disease may require a deep cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing.

What Happens During a Cleaning?

During this procedure, your hygienist gently scrapes away all plaque and tartar on the surface of your teeth and below the gum line. She then smooths the root surfaces of your teeth to help the gum reattach to the tooth.

We are also pleased to offer our patients the option of laser dental cleanings. The procedure is fast and comfortable and provides quicker recovery times. If you are interested in laser cleaning, please talk to your hygienist to learn more.

If it’s time for your next cleaning or you have questions about keeping your smile healthy, please call our Mill Creek, WA dental office for more information.

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